About Us

About Us

Drinking water is considered as the basic yet critical need of human being next to oxygen. Understanding its criticality in urban areas, we started our organization in the year 2002 with an aim to make availability of pure & hygienic water at client premises. We, at Nice Lifecare Enterprises are committed to share purest and potable water with you. Although water supply provided by local government is not as safe as it should be. It needs several filtration and processing steps to increase its potability. It has been my humble effort of ours to quench your thirst by providing water at your doorstep. We offer excellent quality Packaged Drinking Water Bottle, Drinking Mineral Water Bottle, Water Pouch, Soda Bottle and Water Glass. Suppliers offering branded mineral water deliver it at costly prices that is not affordable for daily usage. We promise to provide pure water in bottles of different capacities at affordable rates.

Being a well-known Manufacturer and Supplier, we have adroit team of professionals who use ultra-modern methods and equipment for filtration of water hygienically. Water is processed and packed carefully in transparent bottles of one or two liters that are convenient enough to be carried while traveling. Sealed properly with the aid of automatic machinery, it is best to be used in meetings, seminars, conferences and several other occasions.


It is known to all that water is beneficial only when it is pure. The main aim of water purification is to remove unwanted constituents in it. Nowadays, several techniques are used for removal or fine solids, dissolved materials and micro-organisms.   Certain procedures are followed in maintaining pure water:

  • Pretreatment: It includes pumping, screening, storage and pre-chlorination processes
  • pH Adjustment: Reducing alkalinity or acidity of water to maintain pH value
  • Coagulation and flocculation: Mixing certain chemicals for assisting removal of suspended particles in water
  • Sedimentation:
  • Filtration: After separation of flocculants, water is filtered at final step. Sand filtration and carbon filtration methods are usually applied in this method.
  • Disinfection: Popular methods are chlorine disinfection, chlorine dioxide disinfection, chloramine disinfection, ozone disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection

Our Products

At Nice Lifecare Enterprises, we provide complete assurance for purity, hygiene, quality, and health consciousnesses with water bottles of different quantities. The only product categories we cover are:

  • Water Bottle
  • Water Pouch
  • Soda Bottle
  • Water Glass

Quality Control

Quality is a practice, which is being followed by our entire company. It is never an accident but always a result of sincere direction and intelligent efforts along with skillful process execution. In maintaining quality, entire purification is conducted carefully. We guarantee hygienic processing and packaging of every drop of bottle. Keeping in mind the highest parameters at our labs, several chemical and micro-biological tests are conducted under expert guidance. Quality is internally monitored at our in-house labs. Following steps are taken at our end to maintain quality:

  • To address potential hazards caused due to physical, chemical or microbiological contamination
  • Make proper documentation & maintain records
  • Keeping day- today quality record
  • Stringent monitoring system
  • Medical examination of employees
  • Conduct comprehensive training programs to bring awareness of sanitation.

"We are dealing only in Delhi-NCR regions."

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